Covid-19 New working rules

We are implementing the policy below with immediate effect (25th March 2020). If you have any questions please contact us to discuss any current bookings and any impact these new rules may have.

Face to Face Contact

All appointments will be unaccompanied. Our staff will not attend any property booking, if other contractors, tenants, letting agent staff are present.

Key Collection

Arrange for one team member to visit the office and using an antibacterial wipe pick the keys off the hook and drop them straight into the envelope and using the wipe seal the envelope. If no wipes available they must sanitise their hands each time.

Our team will wear protective gloves at all times and have an ample supply to change gloves and discard after each property.

Both parties must always maintain the minimum of a two metre distance

Smoke Checks

The smoke alarms & CO detectors will be tested when the check out is carried out and the inventory is compiled and confirmed within the inventory that they are working. As usual, our standard practise is to advise the Agent from the property if the detectors are not working.

Smoke Checks on start date of tenancy – this is each Agents choice and you should seek advise

Due to Corona virus, this is each agents choice, here are two suggestions as to how you may wish to cover smoke and carbon monoxide detector tests:

If you are unable to carry out the smoke check on the start date of the tenancy, you can provide a document or explain to the tenants when they collect keys. They are either given a separate document to sign and return to the agent to confirm that they have tested the smoke and carbon detectors on the start date of their tenancy and that they are working. The property manager must ensure that this is signed and returned as confirmation. All of this could be carried out digitally.


Ask the tenant to test the detectors and sign against the smoke detector/carbon dioxide detector listing within the inventory to confirm they are working at the start of the tenancy explaining the change due to Corona Virus and then the property manager must ensure that this is signed and returned as confirmation. All of this could be carried out digitally.

Whilst not usual practise it is asking the tenant to take responsibility and confirm by signing that the detectors are working and the clerk has also shown they are working 72 hours before hand. Agents should discuss which course of action they wish to take with their compliance team.

Whilst I appreciate this information will create more work and timing issues, but we are all wanting to be able to continue providing a good level of service and keep all parties well and safe.